Your Ideas

Here are the ideas you wrote in my notebook at the last meet up:

  • Have a few bigger events like going to a comedy club, bowling, or the cinema. Not everyone can manage this, but it is something to aim for.

  • Go to a park and eat fish and chips.

  • Arts and crafts. Seems like it is only me who is into this at the moment though 🙂

  • Go to other groups. The WI and the social anxiety group were mentioned specifically.

  • Go to yoga or meditation classes together.

  • Have more Skype sessions. This was really good to know. I’ve received some sceptical messages about Skyping (usually from people who haven’t joined in), so it is worth hearing that others actually would like them to happen more often.

  • Have meetings that focus more on illness and healing. Some members really need to vent about symptoms, or try to figure out their conditions and get information from other patients.

  • Have meetings that explicitly don’t focus on illness. Some members would rather illness be talked about as little as possible.

These last two are really interesting. Different people approach the group in different ways: one, as something for people with chronic illnesses, another as about chronic illnesses.

Some people imagine we’re going to focus on talking about illness and healing and this very much appeals to them. It is what they need and what they’ve been looking for. Others imagine we’re going to talk about those same things and it puts them off. They come despite that expectation and hope it isn’t like that at all.

Someone who has been ill for three years will probably have very different needs compared with someone who has been ill for 23 years. Some people are figuring it out and it is important that they can talk with people in the same boat. Other people really want to find other people in the same boat but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to talk about boats. In fact, they bloody hate boats.

Both perspectives are right, and I think it is important to acknowledge that to avoid clashes. Let me know what you think when we meet up next week.






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