The Star (Four People)

I arrived early, thinking I was going to be late. There are tables and chairs in front of the pub, although it is hard to imagine many people would sit out there and enjoy them even on a day like yesterday. The Star is opposite several bus stops, the tram stop, Tescos, and a sizable car park.

I pulled up a chair and waited for people to arrive (walking stick subtly on show so anyone new can spot me).

It was so sunny, warm and breezy that I found myself becoming one of those not-many-people who enjoyed it.

Andy brought his bag of frisbys (complete with frisby organiser insert) and a target to throw them into. “It’s big in America,” he said. “If you get good at it, you can make millions”.

One of the nice things about the group is that we have members of varying levels of health. Sometimes people message and worry that they’ll not be ill enough to join, while others can’t really imagine what it is like to spend years of your life inside or most of your day in bed the way other members have and do.

(I tried to get pictures of the goal contraption and of the others playing, but the images came out unfocused and the clear ones featured some random curly-haired toddler who had wandered into the shots).

I won’t be making millions but I gave it my best shot.








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