Happy New Year

I was so glad for our Minecraft server tonight. I was given the ‘flu for Christmas and I am still in bed with it.

I spent the lead up to midnight scouting for animals for my farm. It is really cool sharing the server with other people, and totally changes the experience of the game for me. For one thing, you see all the things people have made and all the thought and effort they’ve put into it. For another, it brings to the game the presence of other human beings. Even when no one else is online, the buildings and farms aren’t just pixelated thingamajigs: they are the creative projects of your friends. With anything I make, I imagine others coming across it and having a look around. I really like seeing what other people have done.


After I’ve moved the location of my house, I’m going to see if anyone wants to come and explore new areas of the terrain with me.

What has been interesting is that people’s use of the game has been different than I expected. I thought we’d do more things together, but mostly people seem to want to do their own thing. They go on the game at the end of the day for some quiet alone time.

Turns out, that’s mainly what I like using it for too.

2017-01-02 (11).png

Edited to add pictures.


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