Crafts and Pool



The ‘flu I caught over Christmas was a bad one, and we haven’t met much this year because of it. I always dread getting viruses as I never know how long it will take me to recover or if it will take half the year getting back to where I was before I caught the thing. (Hence the rule not to bring your coughs and sneezes. Three phrases that give me the jitters when someone turns up with a lurg are: I’m sure it is fine; I’m sure it isn’t catching; and, I’m sure it is on its way out. Yes! Out of you and onto me!).

Anyway, I’ve been anxious to get the group going again. Previous to this week we met once at a cafe, once in the evening at a pub, and once at my house to play video games.  I like mixing it up but looking forward to when I can make the meetings more regular again.

This week was particularly enjoyable. It was a good turn out but really laid back. A new person came (who I very much hope will be back), I taught Sarah to crochet, and we ordered drinks and food and then went over to play pool before home time.


It is going to be an octopus but currently reminds me of this video of a hamster wearing a hat.


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