Because we are a chronic illness group, online events were always going to be part of our regular repertoire. Our first few meet ups happened over Skype, but these days our most regular virtual meet ups take place on Minecraft with a microphone chat running in the background.

If you’ve never heard of or played Minecraft before, I highly recommend watching the video above.

Minecraft doesn’t just let you do things with other people online (as opposed to Skype where the focus is always on talking), it really creates the feeling of having gone somewhere with someone.

The screen shots below are from when my friend Sarah-Louise and I made some boats and decided to explore the world (the world infinitely and spontaneously generates, so you won’t run out of new things to find).


Sam is our world builder (which is why he can fly) and has a lot of experience in the game. He used to host events for thousands of players, for example. We’re very lucky to have him. 5f

We play Minecraft weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) as well as simple Skype sessions. If you’re like me you’ll actually find Minecraft (with or without Skype running in the background) more relaxing and less energy taxing than Skype alone.

Because it is an online activity, you can also invite “online” friends to it too.

There are more details for these meet ups on our Meet Up page and our Facebook group (Facebook is where to check for spontaneous Minecraft events).

If you use our Minecraft server or would like to support the group, please consider donating.