Because we are a chronic illness group, online events were always going to be part of our regular repertoire. Our first few meet ups happened over Skype, but these days our most regular virtual meet ups take place on Minecraft with a microphone chat running in the background. If you’ve never heard of or played … Continue reading Minecraft


Several factions meet under the dark cloak of the Secret Society…

The Creative Cafe

Happiness is lots of arts and crafts supplies, and good friends to use them with. The Scandinavian cosy culture of hygge is not so much hitting the UK so much as quietly wandering around in thick knitted socks, lighting candles, and waggling its eyebrows at us from over a Vintage classic paperback and a bowl … Continue reading The Creative Cafe

Board Games

This is a fairly new activity to the group, but we hope it will become a regular one. We bring our own games (and you can bring a game too), as well as select pubs that have good selections on site. It is a fun way to make friends and get to know other people … Continue reading Board Games