Factions refer to the different activities we get up to within the group. Why do we have factions? Because it is fun.

First, factions set the tone. You’re not going to an illness club – you’re having a laugh. You’re part of a team. You can ignore factions you’re not part of (not in Special Ops? Hey, no worries. Just scroll past), focus on the ones you want to attend (Crash Squad: Fusion Cafe, 3pm, Wednesday), or send a message about a meeting (Dawn Guard, who’s awake? Text me).

These are ideas and something to aim for.

I really like these ideas! Good way to make seemingly normal activities more fun and feel like part of a group! =)

Several factions meet under the dark cloak of the Secret Society.

Black Hawk is the core of the Society. It meets for quiet (and suspicious) gatherings in cafes where members won’t be disturbed. Leaders specialise in finding cozy places with sofas and good lighting (and then thoroughly booby trap them).

The Inklings have an interest in writing. Like most writers, they are quiet thoughtful types and the hazard of staring at a blank page all day has made most of them more than a bit twitchy and neurotic.

The Order of Bokeh is as mysterious as it is pretentious. They are photographers (for the uninitiated, bokeh refers to the lovey blurry background you see in some photographs). Some Bokees are experienced with a camera and some are complete beginners. Some are so advanced that they say their pictures can predict the future. Then again, some people will say anything for attention.

Nightingales focus on mental health/illness.

Dawn Guard are insomniacs or, unlike how the name might suggest, are definitely not morning people. They meet online when most members are asleep, or prefer to have their in-person meetings start in the late evening.

Special Ops go on missions to locations such as the cinema or comedy clubs.

Crash Squad “infiltrates” other groups. When you want to go to a group but don’t want to go alone, contact Crash Squad. Groups we are interested in are other groups on MeetUp.com, choirs, the WI, support groups, and more. Squadron leaders and agents needed.

Derby Division based in Derby.

Skype Squad meet online. They aim to host virtual meetings whenever there is an in person gathering. Skype Squad has other factions, such as the Periscope Division or the Face Time Unit.

Dark Artists meet privately to discuss and practice their crafts such as perilous knitting and conspiratorial sewing.

Thieves Guild members are not interested in acquiring people’s stuff but in acquiring their skills. They’re kind of like anti-thieves. Where as an object can be taken once and there will still only be one of it, a skill can be copied and absorbed and, through sharing, can multiplied an infinite amount of times. Thieve Guild members share their booty of skills with group members for free, no questions asked.

Owl Wing writes handwritten letters to each other or for good causes like Post Pals.




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